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📢📢Free study resources:
1. My recent article for Chinese characters learning:
2. I created decks to help you learn and review Chinese pronunciation (pinyin)
【a,ai,an,ang,ao】& with four tones:
【e,ei,en,eng,er】& with four tones:

Hello, my name is Joanna, I'm new here, but actually, since 2015 I have been fully dedicated to teaching Mandarin.

✅✅Why Joanna is so different:
✊I'm a certified Chinese teacher -- I have the "Chinese High School Mandarin Teacher Certification" & "Mandarin Level certification".

✊I have a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. ❥❥ Furthermore, for three years in a row, I was awarded a scholarship While I was studying at university.

✊Since 2015 I have been fully dedicated to teaching Mandarin. ❥❥ During this 5-year period, I have taught students from 30 different countries ❥❥ accumulating more than 3000 teaching hours.

✊I‘m a native speaker from China, and I have not only professional knowledge of Chinese and rich teaching experience, ❥❥ but also working experience in HR and marketing, so I am skilled in teaching both General Chinese and Business Chinese.

🚀🚀Learn Chinese with Joanna Lee, You will:
(1) Master Mandarin Chinese well.
(2) Get the professional skills of cross-cultural understanding and communication From her.
(3) Get effective learning methods from her.
(4) Get continuous support from her to develop good study habits.

🌺🌺Course Advantages:
(1) Effective Learning:
· Professional and systematic study plan
· Specialized teaching methods
· Customized teaching materials
· Relaxed and harmonious classroom atmosphere

(2) Fluency Practice:
· Practice using spoken Mandarin in simulated life situations;
· Use of case studies in the Business Course;
· Writing;
· Discussing;
· Conversation practice;
· Role-playing;
· Pronounce training;
· Learning exercise.

(3) Building upon review to improve:
· After–class feedback & summary, and my correction to student's mistakes;
· Supplementary lesson notes, grammar points, and exercises to accompany educational resources;
· Usage of a variety of activities to review language items.

(4) After class homework:
· Teacher-designed exercises, free writing exercises, record students' speaking, etc;
· To be reviewed by me.

(5) My continuous support for your effective study:
· Constant mentoring and facilitation of the learning process
· Help you develop good study habits
· Provide you useful learning tips and suggestions

(6) Personalized Evaluation Report:
·Regular, personalized analysis of student’s strengths and weaknesses – recommendations for improvement.

🎓🎓My Chinese Course:

★★★For adult★★★

✅HSK Test Preparation Course✅
I am very familiar with the HSK exam system and have helped many students pass the exams.

Learn HSK with me, you will get a lot of HSK materials, master the test skills, really improve your Chinese, and finally pass the test.

Study Materials:
❥HSK Standard Course
❥Chinese HSK Grammar
❥HSK Vocabulary
❥HSK Writing
❥HSK Testpaper

The course consists of two parts:
Part I:
Learning new words and grammar points through dialogues and passages with certified HSK material.
Practice speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing skills with teachers using fun and effective teaching methods.

Part II:
Acquire familiarity with the HSK exam.
• Learn how to register for the HSK exam.
• Learn more about each type of test question and become familiar with test requirements.
• Gain valuable experience by taking mock HSK test papers and receive targeted feedback from our teachers in order to improve your comprehension and test-taking skills.
• Gain the ability to estimate how prepared you are for your current exam level by taking part in the mock HSK test.

Based on your current skill level and requirements, I will advise you about whether you should take both part I and part II of our HSK Preparation Course.

✅Business Chinese Course✅
In my business classes, I will use my work experience(HR & Marketing) and knowledge, help you to learn more professional knowledge, help you better communicate and work with Chinese colleagues and customers, AND REALLY HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS.

★★★ What will you learn in this course?
1. Regular Business Course.
2. Customized Service, like:
★Employment Opportunities Course
The course is aimed at providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently pursue employment in China. (I worked as a Human Resources Officer for four years in a Chinese organization, and I continue to have strong connections in the human resources industry. )
★Business Writing Course
1) Write effective emails, letters, memos, reports, speech, Write for Social Media.
2) Identify grammatical and punctuation problems in your writing.
3) Analyze a writing situation and determine the appropriate communication strategy, format, style, and content.
4) Organize information and ideas logically, efficiently, and effectively.

And any other specific requests? Just tell me!

★★★Customer Case:
Student’s problem:
One day, Ms. Rifkind, a Chinese learner for almost 2 years, told me that she would introduce herself in Chinese in an upcoming conference presentation. She would communicate in Chinese to the investors, professionals, and parents during coffee breaks, at cocktail and dinner tables. And so she might like to learn and practice Chinese around these topics with me.

My Solution:
1. I made a specific list of the topics that we would learn in Chinese classes.
2. I made the customized study materials based on the above topics, the materials.
3. I created more opportunities for her to practice.
Writing, Discussing, Conversation Practice, Role-playing, Pronounce Training
4. I gave her my corrections to her mistakes, my feedback on her work, and the summary of the classes.
5. I gave some advice on how to socialize with different groups of Chinese people on different occasions.

✅Comprehensive(Regular) Chinese Course / Spoken Chinese Course & Pronunciation Correction / Writing Chinese Course✅
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner of Mandarin Chinese, if you would like to receive systematic training in speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will learn faster and better than before, when I make Chinese learning fun, easy and practical.

The Comprehensive Chinese Course consists of grammar, reading comprehension, phonic spelling, vocabulary, conversation, writing practice, and general knowledge.

We will also have special writing, reading, listening or speaking classes if you would like to improve one of these skills.

Other advantages of the course:

1) Lots of practical study Material:
❥Developing Chinese (发展汉语)
❥Our Chinese Classroom (我们的汉语教室)
❥New Target Chinese Language(新目标汉语)
❥New Practical Chinese Reader (新实用汉语)
❥Experiencing Chinese(体验汉语)
❥Erya Chinese (尔雅中文)
❥Road to Success(成功之路)
❥Learn Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang(跟张老师学汉字)
❥Other textbooks that suit you or you prefer to would be great too.

Customized materials:
Based on your level and your need, I will make my teaching material based around hot, interesting, funny topics, including:
❥Chinese songs, movies, TV programs, and other videos
❥Chinese stories
❥Chinese hot news materials
❥Daily life dialogues
❥Survival in China

2) Pronunciation Correction:
Many students have a lot of problems with their pronunciation(Pinyin), especially the Chinese tone. However, after having spoken classes with me, their pronunciation has become more and more standard. The reason is that I have my own teaching methods and I am very good at correcting students' pronunciation.

3) Speaking Chinese for the Real World:
I will teach you how to express yourself with a proper means of expression in real-life situations.

4) Relaxed and Harmonious Classroom Atmosphere:
I’m a friendly teacher to my students, and my students always tell me that they can feel relaxed and comfortable in my classes.

★★★For Kids & Teenagers★★★

✅Chinese Classes for Kids & Teenagers (from 8 to 17 years old)✅
1. A rich variety of learning resources:
❥Recommended Chinese Textbooks:
Chinese Made Easy for Kids
Learn Chinese with Me
Kuaile Hanyu
Yeah! Chinese!
Chinese Paradise
My First Chinese Reader

❥Picture books:
Just like English picture books, Chinese picture books have simple vocabulary along with fun and interesting pictures that can be entertaining for kids and teenagers. So Picture books are essential in my classes.

❥Cartoons & Movies & TV Programs:
These videos help young learners learn Chinese language and obtain a good understanding of Chinese culture. I may select classic and recently released Chinese cartoons and videos for them. And through practice with me, they can improve practical language skills.

❥Chinese storybooks:
Learn Chinese from stories!
I provide rich e-books for my students, which is organized around the most common themes, such as hobbies, transportation, sports, travel, school life, and so on.

❥Chinese Songs:
Both kids and teenagers love songs! Singing popular songs in Chinese can be a great and fantastic way to learn Chinese for young learners. So I will help my students increase their vocabulary, phrases, and basic sentence structures, help them acquire the standard accent naturally through Chinese songs.

Playing flashcards is a good way to memorize the Chinese words and phrases. This is an important and powerful tool for practice in my classes.

2. Game-based classes:
A fun and interactive class format allow my students to learn Chinese in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.

3. YCT Speaking or Writing Prep Lessons
YCT is short for the Young Learners Chinese Test. YCT consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other.
My YCT Test Prep Courses are designed to accommodate students' actual level and help them pass the exams. Chinese Classes for Kids & Teenagers


60 minutes


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2006 - 2010
Lingnan Normal University - China
Major: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


2019 - 2020
Marketing Manager
Juliquancheng Culture Co., Ltd. - China
In my business classes, I will use my work experience(HR & Marketing) and knowledge, help you to learn more professional knowledge, help you better communicate and work with Chinese colleagues and customers, AND REALLY HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS.
2015 - 2020
Online Chinese Teacher
Language Institution
I have taught one-on-one and small classes, and my students come from America、Sweden、Australia、Poland、Russia、Israel、Armenia、Korea and Czech Republic and so on.
2011 - 2015
Human Resource Officer
ASSAB - China
The work's experience is helpful for me about teaching Business Chinese Course.


2009 - 2009
Mandarin Level Certificate
National Language Working Committee
2010 - 0
Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Chinese Teacher
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
Subject: Chinese


60 minutes