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I guess this is a general question to all teachers out there - not just French but I was forced to choose. Could you please provide the following on your profiles and videos (most do - but it is frustrating when you do not). Time of day and price are important, but not everything. Can you put the following in your ads?

1. A sample of your voice in the language you are teaching. The video not only helps me test the audio quality for myself, but gives me an idea of the clarity of your voice. If I cannot hear you speak French and I want to improve French, I may not consider you.

2. Honest language levels. I do not care about your level of English, since I want to hear the language you are teaching. However, if you claim to be C2 and are obviously intermediate based on your video or text, I think you are not honest in other caims.

3. Something about your experience and methods. I don't care if you have had to learn other languages, which many talk about. However, your approach to teaching should suit me. If you want to use a grammar book or mostly conversation, I need to know. - I am not after the same thing with each language.

4. A bit about your stage of life and interests - it helps if we are going to converse a lot

Verbling does not let learners place ads, so we need you to provide a lot of information up front.
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