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Khaoyai National Park

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šŸ• ąø­ąø²ąø—ąø“ąø•ąø¢ą¹Œąø—ąøµą¹ˆą¹ąø„ą¹‰ąø§ ąø‰ąø±ąø™ą¹„ąø›ąøąø²ąø‡ą¹€ąø•ą¹‡ąø™ąø—ą¹Œąø—ąøµą¹ˆą¹€ąø‚ąø²ą¹ƒąø«ąøą¹ˆąøąø±ąøšą¹€ąøžąø·ą¹ˆąø­ąø™ąø”ąø² aa-tĆ­t tĆŖe lĆ”ew Ā· chăn bpai gaang dtĆ”yn tĆŖe kăo yĆ i gĆ p pĆŖuan maa

*ąø­ąø²ąø—ąø“ąø•ąø¢ą¹Œąø—ąøµą¹ˆą¹ąø„ą¹‰ąø§ / aa-tĆ­t tĆŖe lĆ”ew = last week *ąøąø²ąø‡ą¹€ąø•ą¹‡ąø™ąø—ą¹Œ / gaang dtĆ”yn ąøąø²ąø‡ / gaang = to spread out ąøąø²ąø‡ą¹€ąø•ą¹‡ąø™ąø—ą¹Œ / gaang dtĆ”yn = to spread out a tent = GO camping! *ą¹€ąø‚ąø²ą¹ƒąø«ąøą¹ˆ / kăo yĆ i = Khao Yai National Park *ą¹€ąøžąø·ą¹ˆąø­ąø™ / pĆŖuan = friends

šŸ• "ąøŖąø™ąøøąøąø”ąø²ąøąø„ą¹ˆąø°" sĆ -nĆ¹k mĆ¢ak kĆ¢

*ąøŖąø™ąøøąø / sĆ -nĆ¹k = fun, enjoy

šŸ• ą¹€ąø£ąø²ą¹„ąø›ąø–ąø¶ąø‡ą¹€ąø‚ąø²ą¹ƒąø«ąøą¹ˆąøąø±ąø™ąø•ąø­ąø™ąøšą¹ˆąø²ąø¢ 2 rao bpai tĕung kăo yĆ i gan dton bĆ ai sŏng

*ąø–ąø¶ąø‡ / tĕung = arrive *ąøšą¹ˆąø²ąø¢ąøŖąø­ąø‡ / bĆ ai sŏng = 2.00 pm

šŸ• ąø”ąøµąø„ąø™ą¹„ąø›ąøąø²ąø‡ą¹€ąø•ą¹‡ąø™ąø—ą¹Œą¹€ąø¢ąø­ąø°ąø”ąø²ąøą¹† ąø„ą¹ˆąø° mee kon bpai gaang dtĆ”yn yĆŗh mĆ¢ak mĆ¢ak kĆ¢

*ą¹€ąø¢ąø­ąø° / yĆŗh = much, much more *ąø”ąø²ąøą¹† / mĆ¢ak mĆ¢ak = very much, a lot

šŸ• ą¹€ąø£ąø²ą¹„ąø›ąøąø±ąø™ 10 ąø„ąø™ rao bpai gan Ā· sƬp Ā· kon

*ąøąø±ąø™ / gan = together *ąø„ąø™ / kon = person, people In this context => ąø„ąø™ is the classifier for nouns referring to people

šŸ• ą¹€ąø£ąø²ą¹€ąøŠą¹ˆąø²ą¹€ąø•ą¹‡ąø™ąø—ą¹Œąø—ąø±ą¹‰ąø‡ąø«ąø”ąø” 4 ąø«ąø„ąø±ąø‡ rao chĆ¢o dtĆ”yn tĆ”ng mĆ²t sĆØe lăng

*ą¹€ąøŠą¹ˆąø² / chĆ¢o = rent *ąø—ąø±ą¹‰ąø‡ąø«ąø”ąø” / tĆ”ng mĆ²t = all, total *ąø«ąø„ąø±ąø‡ / lăng = the classifier for a house.

šŸ• ą¹€ąø£ąø²ąøŠą¹ˆąø§ąø¢ąøąø±ąø™ąø—ąø³ąøąø±ąøšąø‚ą¹‰ąø²ąø§ąø«ąø„ąø²ąø¢ąø­ąø¢ą¹ˆąø²ąø‡ ą¹ąø„ąø°ąøąø“ąø™ąøąø±ąø™ąø­ąø¢ą¹ˆąø²ąø‡ąø­ąø£ą¹ˆąø­ąø¢ rao chĆ»ay gan tam gĆ p kĆ¢ao lăai yĆ ang lĆ”e gin gan yĆ ang Ć -rĆ²i

*ąøŠą¹ˆąø§ąø¢ąøąø±ąø™ / chĆ»ay gan = help together *ąøąø±ąøšąø‚ą¹‰ąø²ąø§ / gĆ p kĆ¢ao = dishes *ąø«ąø„ąø²ąø¢ąø­ąø¢ą¹ˆąø²ąø‡ / lăai yĆ ang = varied, many

šŸ• ąø•ąø­ąø™ąøąø„ąø²ąø‡ąø„ąø·ąø™ąø”ąø²ąø§ąøŖąø§ąø¢ąø”ąø²ąøą¹† ąø„ą¹ˆąø° ^__^ dton klaang keun daao sÅ­ay mĆ¢ak mĆ¢ak kĆ¢

*ąø•ąø­ąø™ąøąø„ąø²ąø‡ąø„ąø·ąø™ / dton klaang keun = at night *ąø”ąø²ąø§ / daao = the star