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How do you stay motivated to learn English?

Allison Pharr
Hi all!

I just listened to a great podcast about "grit" (sticking with long-term goals). I thought I'd share what stuck with me. The podcast breaks grit down into four parts:

1) Interest. Foster a passion by trying a lot of things and quitting a majority of them early. Interest is sustained by substituting novelty for nuisance. We're all attracted to the next shiny thing to learn, but we can go deeper into what we're already working on by focusing on a new aspect or detail of the skill at-hand.
2) Practice. That’s what Verbling is for. Ideally, your teacher is providing:
  • Feedback: Deliberate practice is using feedback to focus on specific techniques that lead to real improvement. For example, your English teacher might give you real time feedback regarding to improve your natural speaking.
  • Segmenting: Deliberate practice is also incremental--focusing on improving one aspect leads to better performance overall. For example, perfecting an elevator pitch (a succinct prepared statement on a given topic) about yourself and/or things you care about will help you speak more fluidly on these topics.
3) Purpose. Identify how your goal helps others.
4) Optimism. Believing that you can do it.
Bonus: The podcast says there's a high correlation between grit and self-reported happiness.

I wonder what all you language learners think of this and how you stay motivated to keep learning?


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português do brasil
português para estrangeiros
aprendendo através de músicas
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rest at home
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speaking aussie
conversational practice
thank you
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