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Daily Activities (elementary-intermediate)

Talk about your daily activities. If they are interesting or not interesting, it doesn't matter. Let's practice English.

  1. What did you do today?
  2. What are your plans for the rest of the day?
  3. What is your daily routine?
  4. What new or interesting things are you doing at the moment?
  5. What things would you like to do if you have the time?

Here is my example, let me know if you think my daily activities are interesting.

  1. Today I got up at about 8 in the morning and I had my breakfast, I normally eat porridge and have a cup of coffee.
  2. Later on I plan to go swimming, I normally go swimming in the sea, in the Pacific every day, I love it. In fact I might go in the next few minutes or after lunch.
  3. I've got to make my lunch, probably a sandwich or maybe some pasta.
  4. I might be applying for a new job, so that could be something new for me. I am also watching a TV series called Altered Carbon. It's a series set in the future, it's sci-fi.
  5. Things I would like to do include reading more books. I have a few books I want to read on my tablet.

Now it's your turn. Answer the survey and post your answers in the comments.

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